CEO Letter

SHPE began its new fiscal year on July 1st stronger than it has for years and is poised to implement a vision with tremendous impact nationally. We look to the future with great hope and enthusiasm and invite you join us in our efforts that will help ensure that our Hispanic community will be at the forefront in leading this nation in innovation and educational attainment of more Hispanic youth than ever before. 
An effort that began several months ago that counts on the additional financial support of our Industrial Partnership Council is the hiring of a renown non-profit consultant to lead  SHPE in the development of a five year strategic plan. This plan will ensure that we create a road map for this organization to have a greater, more powerful impact nationally in STEM.
As your CEO, I have also been committed to ensuring that SHPE's financial health is solid today and into the future. I have secured the support of Amir Shakarami of the Exelon Corporation in Chicago to assist in providing a CFO professional to work with our Director of Finance and our finance committee to help me develop a plan that will create a positive financial road map. These efforts will not only fund our strategic vision, but ensure that SHPE leverages the investment made in our building in the DC area and has a financial reserve to lay the foundation for the future.
I have also begun conversations with many new companies and funding sources to ensure that we grow our funding circle. In partnership with new companies, my plan is to be able to fund many new initiatives that support our strategic vision and provide stronger and increased member benefits and that will enhance SHPE's pre-college efforts to create a greater positive impact on our Hispanic community nationally.
I have also traveled throughout the US to personally thank our current IPC and sponsors for their dedication and commitment to the SHPE mission.

I project the next two years as an era of positive change and opportunity and I ask you to join me and the SHPE national board of directors, SHPE Foundation board and SHPE management committee in advancing our phenomenal organization that truly changes people's lives, gives hope and opportunity to many that ensures Hispanics are the nation's future innovators.

Pilar Montoya

Pilar Montoya
Chief Executive Officer
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Inc.

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