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    Register for the 2011 SHPE Conference

    This year's SHPE Conference will be held on Anaheim, California

    The multi-faceted national conference offers a wide-range of programs for middle- and high-school youth, university students and professionals in STEM fields of all levels. Some of the highlights of the conference include:

    Career Expo: Expected to attract more than 300 of the nation's top employers and universities.

    Professional Program: Several certification courses and concentrated tracks in business development and green engineering are available to aid professionals in skills development.

    Graduate Program: The Graduate Institute includes seminars designed to nurture the development of future faculty and researchers.

    Undergraduate Program: A track filled with technical and experiential learning opportunities for university students.

    Pre-College Symposia: An extensive program that exposes Hispanic youth in grades six through 12 to STEM subjects and career opportunities.

    To register for the conference visit here

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