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    Don't miss out on being part of the largest hispanic engineering organization in the nation! Register now and start preparing for this year's National Conference which is just a few months away! 

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    Regional Leadership Development Conference - April 7th-10th 

    The RLDC will be co-hosted for the first time by the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Technology SHPE Chapters, n collaboration with the SHPE Chicago Professional Chapter.  This regional conference represents thirty seven SHPE chapters across nine northern midwest states: Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

    The theme of the RLDC 2011 is "Leadership Development: Inspiring Innovation".  The purpose of RLDC is to develop leaders in the professional realm, ad within SHPE's respective chapters.  We encourage all members to register as soon as possible.  space is limited  


    RLDC 2013 Proposals

    Proposals for RLDC 2013 are currently being accepted. If your chapter would like more information or submit a proposal for 2013 please contact me at .

    Grading criteria for RLDC Proposals can be found  here  

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    Register for the 2011 SHPE Conference

    This year's SHPE Conference will be held on Anaheim, California

    The multi-faceted national conference offers a wide-range of programs for middle- and high-school youth, university students and professionals in STEM fields of all levels. Some of the highlights of the conference include:

    Career Expo: Expected to attract more than 300 of the nation's top employers and universities.

    Professional Program: Several certification courses and concentrated tracks in business development and green engineering are available to aid professionals in skills development.

    Graduate Program: The Graduate Institute includes seminars designed to nurture the development of future faculty and researchers.

    Undergraduate Program: A track filled with technical and experiential learning opportunities for university students.

    Pre-College Symposia: An extensive program that exposes Hispanic youth in grades six through 12 to STEM subjects and career opportunities.

    To register for the conference visit here

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